Our Story

The core team at DATAR has been actively involved in the postoperative pain pump sector since 2005. Our business ethos compels us to continuously strive for improvement, driving us to enhance the performance of our devices. We prioritize refining device functionality, user interface, and safety, focusing on direct involvement in clinical aspects, such as devising new infusion strategies to optimize treatment efficacy.

The PainGuard™ idea was inspired by the R&D work on the MultiBolus II™ device, a mechanical PCA device integrated with an elastomeric pain pump. We wanted to understand why some anesthesiologists emphasized the clinical significance of the flow rate at which the drug bolus is delivered.

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Through insightful discussions with leading anesthesiologists, we understood and internalized two critical issues. Firstly, the primary clinical goal of an infusion pump administering continuous regional anesthesia should be maintaining the sequence of effective nerve saturation throughout the treatment rather than adhering strictly to a continuous drug infusion. Secondly, manual injection yields the most effective nerve saturation.
The failure of the pumps in use today to effectively deal with severe pain, together with a profound understanding of the importance of maintaining continuous nerve saturation backed by the very positive clinical-related comments by anesthesiologists who used the MultiBolus II™, prompted Ofer Shay, the founder of MFS Ltd, to initiate the PainGuard™ project and subsequently establish DATAR Medical Innovations Ltd as the dedicated business platform for the project

our team

Management Team

Ofer Shay


Over 24 years of experience in initiating and launching innovative medical devices companies, including two exits. Involved in the postoperative pain pump business since 2005

Erez Ben-Haim


Over 9 years of experience as a mechanical engineer leading development teams mostly in the field of new devices combining firmware and software.

Rotem Rubin

VP Quality Assurance

Over 14 years of experience as a QA  Manager in the medical device field including an active involvement in R&D of new products and design modifications of commercial products.

Advisory Board

Dr. Sanjib Adhikary

Professor of Anesthesiology, 
Vice Chair for Research and Innovation, Pain Medicine.
Penn State College of Medicine, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Dr. Jiabin Liu

M.D., a board certified anesthesiologist at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). Dr. Liu specializes in regional anesthesia and acute pain management.