The PainGuard™ Pump

The PainGuard™ pump employs a cutting-edge infusion strategy designed to mimic an intermittent manual injection given by the anesthesiologist. This allows the continued application of the clinical advantages of manual injection in the administration of regional anesthesia, that is, the effective treatment of severe pain without the need for opioids.

The outcomes of a comparative clinical study in human subjects substantiate the clinical advantages of the PainGuard™ pump. The findings reveal notable benefits, including reduced pain levels, a remarkable decrease of over 60% in opioid consumption, and a significant reduction of over 35% in overall drug consumption within the patient group treated for postoperative pain using the PainGuard™ pump.

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The PainGuard™ Clip

Clinical Presentation

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The PainGuard™ in Action (in humans)

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 The effect of different infusion regimens on the saturation 
of the nerve